The St. John’s Wood Neighbourhood Forum has been established to afford the residents, businesses, civic organisations and other stakeholders of St. John’s Wood the benefits and opportunities introduced by the Localism Act 2011. St. John’s Wood received designation as a Neighbourhood Area from Westminster City Council in 2012 which allows a Neighbourhood Forum to be established. The Forum is an independent, non-political, non-for-profit organisation whose membership is intended to represent a wide, diverse and engaged representation of the community. The Forum received its official designation from Westminster City Council in June 2016. The Vision Statement of our Neighbourhood Forum is now available on this web site.

The Forum’s primary mission is to develop and implement a Neighbourhood Plan in accordance with the Localism Act. You can learn about what a Neighbourhood Plan does, how it will benefit the local community and how the St. John’s Wood Neighbourhood Forum is going about developing its Plan in the different sections of this website. This website is designed as a resource for Forum members, other members of the St. John’s Wood community and any interested party that wants to learn about the Forum, its mission and what’s going on.

It is the Forum’s intent that we engage as large and broad of involvement in our initiatives by the local community as we can. Everyone is therefore encouraged to become involved or become a member so that you can assist us in achieving our objectives and to provide the greatest benefit to those who live or work or have an interest in St. John’s Wood.

Chairman’s Message

Bec0161007 January 2017

To all those with an interest in St. John’s Wood, I welcome you to the website of the St. John’s Wood Neighbourhood Forum. With our designation as a Neighbourhood Forum approved by Westminster City Council in 2016, we are now embarking on the hard work to develop a Neighbourhood Plan for St. John’s Wood.

This website provides links to key information and resources that are available for you to understand what a Neighbourhood Forum does, what the Neighbourhood Plan will do for the community and how we will be able to take advantage of everything the Localism Act provides for a community. I hope everyone takes advantage of these links to learn more about what we are setting out to do. We will endeavor to use this website as a primary means of communication with our members and the wider community. Your feedback and comment are more than welcome!

I invite everyone who resides, works or has an interest in the St. John’s Wood community to join the Forum. You’ll find out how to do this in the website. I look forward to meeting and working with all those who want to help us make St. John’s Wood an even better community.

Bill Tucker
St. John’s Wood Neighbourhood Forum