CALL TO ACTION: Developing a Neighbourhood Plan for St. John’s Wood

The next responsibility of the St. John’s Wood Neighbourhood Forum (SJWNF) will be to develop a Neighbourhood Plan for St. John’s Wood. This process commenced in the last General Meeting where Members identified issues they felt were important for consideration in our Neighbourhood Plan. A link to this output below. The input naturally fell into a number of key topics which could form the basis of structuring A Neighbourhood Plan for St. John’s Wood.

It is important that Members and the wider community understand the purpose of a neighbourhood plan (and, more importantly, what it’s not) and the activities involved. You will find links on this website to key documents which will help you learn more about neighbourhood planning and the process entailed.

The first step of this process will be to develop a Vision and Objectives for our Neighbourhood Plan. The Neighbourhood Plan’s Vision will be our statement of “what we want our Neighbourhood Area to be like as a result of the planning policies we develop”. The Plan’s Vision is an extension of the Forum’s Vision which we recently adopted into more detail about what we want for St. John’s Wood. The Plan’s Objectives will be “broad statements of intent on how we intend to deliver the Vision”. Once these have been developed and accepted by the Forum Members, the next step will be to conduct workshops (led by our Steering Committee) to develop proposed policies and the substantiating evidence upon which we can write our Neighbourhood Plan for St. John’s Wood. The proposed Neighbourhood Plan will then undergo an extensive Member and public consultation. Once our Members are convinced that we have a proposed Neighbourhood Plan that reflects the interests of all constituents, and that we have the evidence base established to back our proposals, we will submit our plan to Westminster City Council (WCC). WCC will organize an independent examination of our proposed Neighbourhood Plan followed by a public consultation and referendum which will require 50% acceptance by our community in order to be enacted.

This process will take at least a year to a year and a half to complete. It’s not going to be an easy task and will require as much engagement and participation from our Members and the wider community as we can muster. The more involvement we have from Members the more credible our Neighbourhood Plan will be. We encourage everyone to think about how you may be able to contribute to the hard work that will be needed to make our Neighbourhood Plan a reality.

To this end, it is requested that everyone with an interest provide their input to our Vision and Objectives. To do this, please send an email to to provide your thoughts on the following questions:

• What do you want our Neighbourhood Area to look like as a result of our Neighbourhood Plan?
• What issues do you believe we need to consider and include as planning policies in our Neighbourhood Plan?
• Why (e.g., with what evidence?) do you make these comments? This, by the way, is very important to our convincing WCC of the validity of our Neighbourhood Plan.
• Would you be willing to invest your time and energy to participate in a sub-committee to develop a particular aspect of our Neighbourhood Plan? If so, in any particular area?

Please provide this input by 11 March 2017. The SJWNF Steering Committee will then consider this input and develop a draft Vision and Objectives which will form the initial consultation in our process.

The 2017 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the SJWNF will be scheduled some time in April. The 2017 AGM we will also be putting forward a vote for re-election of our Steering Committee and Officers for the next year. Please provide any comment or nominations to Your thoughts and input will be greatly appreciated.

Neighbourhood Plan Ideas from General Meeting No. 2

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