Draft Vision Statement for the St. John’s Wood Neighbourhood Forum

A draft vision statement has been prepared for the St. John’s Wood Neighbourhood Forum as the first step towards developing a Neighbourhood Plan for St. John’s Wood. The draft has been through an initial consultation by Forum members and the Steering Committee has prepared the attached draft for a second member consultation. It is expected that further comments will be addressed and the vision statement be put to a formal vote of Forum members in our next general meeting to be scheduled in early October. Details of the next general meeting will be announced shortly.
Revised Draft Vision Statement for Member Consultation

SJWNF Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

The Steering Committee of the St. John’s Wood Neighbourhood Forum met for their inaugural meeting on June 14, 2016 in which officers were elected and actions taken to begin development of a plan for development of a Neighbourhood Plan for St. John’s Wood. The minutes of this meeting can be found in the “About” section of this website under “Minutes and Reports”.

First Annual General Meeting

We held the first Annual General Meeting of the St. John’s Wood Neighbourhood Forum on 17th May 2016 at Quintin Kynaston Academy. At this meeting the Forum’s Constitution was accepted and our first Steering Committee was elected by the members present. Attached is the presentation which was used to govern the meeting’s agenda. Minutes of the Meeting will be posted as soon as they have been compiled. Thanks to everyone who attended and contributed to the very constructive discussions about the Forum and it’s mission.

SJWNF AGM Presentation

Neighbourhood Planning Aids

There are some wonderful places on the internet to be learning about Neighbourhood Plans.  We’ll be relying on them to help guide the development of a Neighbourhood Plan for St. John’s Wood.  One of the better ones is the Royal Town Planning Institute.  A link to their neighbourhood planning information is attached.


An Opinion on Neighbourhood Planning

The following link provides an interesting view on the value of neighbourhood planning.


Save The Date for First St. John’s Wood Neighbourhood Forum Annual General Meeting!

Members and Interested Guests,

We are still awaiting word from Westminster City Council on our application for designation as a Neighbourhood Forum.   We know the consultation period has ended and that they are evaluating the comments received.  As such, we are planning to schedule our first Annual General Meeting at 6:00pm on Tuesday, 17th May at Quintin Kyniston School on Marlborough Hill.  Our agenda will be developed to address the following three key matters:

  • Status of our application for designation as a Neighbourhood Forum
  • Implementation of our Constitution, including the nomination and election of a Steering Committee and Officers
  • Plans for development of our Neighbourhood Plan

We will be providing more details in the coming weeks on joining details and our agenda.  We will also be making a wider series of announcements about our first Annual General Meeting to the wider St. John’s Wood community in order to try and get as many participants and prospective new members to attend as we can.  As such, please pass the word to your friends, neighbours and associates to also save the date to assist us in getting the widest and most diverse attendance we can.

I also ask that everyone study our Constitution which is posted here on our website to be ready to provide your input.  If you have any thoughts or nominations for our Steering Committee and/or Officers please forward those to me.

I look forward to seeing you all on the 17th of May.





Neighbourhood Forum Application

Westminster City Council has received our application for designation as a Neighbourhood Forum and the consultation period has commenced.  The Council is inviting comments to our application through 1st April.  We encourage that everyone who is interested in making the mission of the Forum a reality use the following link to view our application and provide your written comments.  We thank you in advance for your support.


A Proposed St. John’s Wood Neighbourhood Forum

An information meeting was held at Quintin Kynaston School on the evening of 30th November where the plans for forming a new St. John’s Wood Neighbourhood Forum were presented to a group of residents and representatives from local landowners, businesses, civic organisations and other interested parties by Bill Tucker, an ASL Trustee who has volunteered to act as chairman of the new Forum. An overview of the Forum’s mission and its role in the development of a Neighbourhood Plan for St. John’s Wood were presented in addition to a summary of the actions needed to apply to Westminster City Council for designation as a Neighbourhood Forum. Attendees were asked to join as inaugural members of the St. John’s Wood Neighbourhood Forum and be listed on the Forum’s pending application to the Council.

Copy of the Presentation (PDF)