Second General Meeting of SJWNF Held

The second general meeting of the St. John’s Wood Neighbourhood Forum was convened on 5th October at QK Academy with approximately 72 members in attendance. The agenda included a robust discussion about the proposed Vision Statement for the Forum and discussions around the next steps in developing a Neighbourhood Plan for St. John’s Wood. An informative presentation on neighbourhood planning was made by Rachael Ferry-Jones. Her presentation was previously posted on this website. Key next steps for the SJWNF are to take our proposed vision statement through one more round of member consultation prior to adoption and to start developing the outline content for our Neighbourhood Plan. A list of ideas for themes that should be considered as part of our Neighbourhood Plan was generated by members after our meeting. The Minutes of General Meeting No. 2, as well as the list of ideas put forth, can be found in the “About” section of this website under “Minutes and Reports”.

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